More images from our mini picnic at Boordy Vineyards today. Baltimore County is just so, so beautiful. Boordy is one of my favorite places in the area - you know, that’s not on the water or on a boat.

I had such a perfect day out with Adam and Ethan. We brought sandwiches from WaWa (classy I know), did a tasting where I was certain little dude was having an explosion on me (he didn’t but it sounded like it), and then enjoyed the Dublin5 warm up (they were the Saturday night concert up there - which I really want to go to one of these weekends - the tickets are $18 pre-sale and $20 at the gate) while sipping wine, trying to read but really just watching Ethan soak up his surroundings. Homeboy has been trying to crawl lately (!!!) and is getting closer and closer each day - mostly inch-worming but it’s more and more substantial each day.  

He’s just so alert and so interested in his surroundings. It’s fascinating to watch. I love being a mama - especially to such a perfect little boy like Ethan :)