31 Things I will do to get organized this month

For the home…

1. Set up a donation box - drop off weekly to Goodwill
2. Clean out car/trunk. 
3. Vacuum twice per week. 
4. Do dishes every day
5. Open mail every day. Throw out junk mail.
6. Obtain and set up a mail sorter for front.
7. Obtain and set up bookshelf for printer/cookbooks.
8. clean out pantry - toss or donate food that we haven’t or won’t eat.
9. Clean bathroom once per week
10. Organize under bathroom sink
11. Organize under kitchen sink
12 Organize baby’s clothes that he’s grown out of - get storage bins.
13. Make bed every day
14. Dust living room once per week
15. Clean off kitchen table nightly
16. Recycle old magazines
17. clean off coffee table and organize shelf below

For me…
18. Par down my wardrobe. Get rid of anything I haven’t worn in 2 seasons. If it’s worth something, sell it.
19. Organize flickr & iPhoto into sets
20. Organize tags on blog
21. Organize blog editorial calendar/features/design
22. Organize labels in email
23. Make sure any labels with follow up on email are followed up with
24. Toss out old coupons/mail/bills
25. Set up new budget spreadsheet to reflect current bills/income
26. Apply to at least one new job or freelance opportunity weekly
27. Print out pictures for Ethan’s Memory Book. 
28. Begin photobook on Shutterfly for his first year. 
29. Get rid of shoes that haven’t been worn in over a year
30. Set up cleaning schedule for entire house. 
31. Sell 10 items on ebay/craigslist

Here’s hoping I can get through this by the end of July! 

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